'The ‘S’ in ESG: how social responsibility is shaping the future of business' now launched

23 March 2023
s in esg creative

Neighbourly has recently launched a new paper, The ‘S’ in ESG: how social responsibility is shaping the future of business. The paper will focus on the ‘social’ component of ESG and how it can be harnessed to boost brand value, encourage employee trust and remain on top of social legislation, as well as driving better business practice. 

Over four chapters covering key themes surrounding sustainability and social impact, the paper will take a closer look at what this means for your business and how you can align social goals with other business and ESG objectives. It also explores where social strategy can be applied across multiple facets of a business, whether you work in marketing, HR, operations or finance. 

The chapters include:

  1. Why social impact measurement is gaining momentum
  2. The changing relationship between ESG and brand value
  3. Fostering inclusion and improving equity beyond the office
  4. Meeting the global cost-of-living crisis with investment in local communities

This paper demonstrates how a localised strategy is not only an investment in the communities which a business cares about but also in their licence to operate, as employee and consumer expectations evolve.

You can expect to find direction on where there are opportunities to make a big impact, no matter how your organisation is currently navigating the ESG space. 

Read the full paper here.